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Liberal countries prioritise freedom and equality, and act to make those concepts a reality for their inhabitants. They actively work to fully accept and support everyone — to make you feel at home. These are the nations which best reflect liberal values. This will surprise very few people with their finger on the pulse — after all, Norway has been a pioneer of progress for decades. The country has come on leaps and bounds since then, promoting progressive social policies that have led to excellent levels of gender and LGBT equality, and the lowest amounts of undernourishment and unsafe water in the world.

Sweden has long been a pioneer for the rights of all its citizens. Same-sex sexual activity was decriminalised in — 23 years before England and Wales — and its citizens are some of the most tolerant around. However, it is — remarkably — the only country in the top seven without an elected female head of state. Scandinavia is the most liberal region in the world — by far.

Denmark helps its people in other ways too, for instance by providing the best-rated sanitation system, the most political power for the average citizen , and the least corruption globally. Finland has been the happiest nation on Earth for the past three consecutive years, and actually increased its lead over the competition in The country has the lowest child mortality rate in the world, relatively low levels of air pollution, and the best inclusiveness ratings of any nation — apart from in one specific area.

The country has not yet abolished a law forcing transgender people to be sterilised before they can change their legal gender, and until it does, it cannot be called LGBT-friendly. The most liberal nation outside of Scandinavia is also the fourth-safest country in the world , and t-best for gender equality in educational attainment.

However, a bill to legalise same-sex marriage — along with access to fertility treatments for lesbian couples — has advanced through the Swiss parliament during , and should be passed soon. When this happens, same-sex adoption will automatically become law too. It finished 24 places above its neighbour, the US. The country also maintains its people's personal freedoms better than all but eight other nations, and is the fifth-most inclusive nation out there.

The country is fifth in the world for access to advanced education, and sixth for access to quality healthcare — which are two extremely important parts of any successful liberal nation. And Germany provides a high level of basic medical care and nutrition to its citizens too, with the country placing third worldwide in this category. A country that tries to build a nurturing environment for its citizens will also engender respect towards their personal safety and personal rights, which Australia does, coming in the top six on both counts.

The environment is also a key battlefront in the fight to create a liberal utopia, as climate change disproportionately affects deprived people. And in a truly liberal country, everyone should have the same opportunities as everyone else. That means basic human needs like nutrition and shelter have to be met, healthcare and education is prioritised and widely available, and people have freedom of expression. The less liberal a country is, the less data is available for it, since authoritarian regimes are generally wary about negative information escaping their nation.

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This has no extra cost to you, but funds what we do and allows us to provide free reviews and advice. Learn More. The Most Liberal Countries to Move to: 1. Norway 2. Sweden 3. Denmark 4. Finland 5. Iceland 6. New Zealand 7. Switzerland 8. Canada 9. Germany Norway: points.

Norway is a liberal superstar. Sweden: points. Denmark: points. The US may have coined the phrase, but Denmark is the true land of opportunity. Finland: points. Iceland: New Zealand: New Zealand is a perfect place to raise kids. Switzerland: 94 points. Canada: Germany: Germany is excellent at protecting your personal rights. Australia: 77 points. The least liberal countries. Chad 2. Central African Republic 3. Yemen 4. Afghanistan 5. Democratic Republic of the Congo 6. South Sudan 7. Syria 8. Pakistan 9. Saudi Arabia

Sexy women Liberal

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