Sexy women in Spain

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United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Richer Poorer's Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt. The Shakedown at Sing Sing. You've seen them while flipping by Telemundo, while doing laundry, while they're proposing to Tom Brady. Sofia Vergara, Profession: The kind of actress who steals the scene before she's even in it. Thalia, Profession: One of the biggest pop stars on the planet.

Seriously: 25 million records and counting. Where you might have seen her: On any of the four consecutive telenovelas she starred in during the '90s. If it was a hit, it played in the States. And if it was a hit, she was in it. Also: Kmart. Camila Sodi, Profession: Thalia's niece. Achieved stardom as teenage star of Inocente de Ti , which ran for episodes — long even by telenovela standards. Where you might have seen her: Alongside her husband, Diego Luna, when their acclaimed film The Night Buffalo made it up here.

Ines Gomez Mont, Profession: Teenage star of the popular Tric Trac. Now all-purpose anchorwoman. Profession: Drums, guitar, vocals, occasional flying. Where you might have seen her: In a telenovela about a co-ed teen pop group called Rebelde , the actors of which were in a real-life teen pop group called RDB. Carolina Tejera, Profession: Specializes in playing the sultry villain. Understandably so. Where you might have seen her: She has a tendency toward long running soaps; before the Miami-based Valeria , she acted in Inocente de Ti, Gata Salvaje, and Hay Amores Que Matan , all of which broke the episode century mark.

Barbara Mori, Profession: Typical career path of your average gorgeous woman of Uruguayan, Japanese, and Mexican descent these days — waitress, model, soaps, and now the big screen. Where you might have seen her: She played the female lead in Kites , the first Bollywood film to crack the top ten in the States. Belinda, Where you might have seen her: For a time she dated Mexican soccer star Giovani dos Santos, about whom she also wrote a song concerning the loss of her virginity. Maria Ines, Profession: Singer, model, game-show host. Where you might have seen her: If you had a thing for Michael Jackson's death, she hosted the definitive Spanish-language special that's played in as much perpetuity as his interview with that guy from Nightline.

Claudia Lizaldi, Profession: One of the busiest women on Spanish-language TV — a sports show, a morning show, and a music-countdown show. And modeling. Where you might have seen her: If you have a thing for Spanish-language pop, she hosted the weekly show Pepsi Countdown on Telemundo. Ana de la Reguera, Profession: Movie star, being impossibly beautiful, being impossibly beautiful. Did we mention we've got a video , too?

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Sexy women in Spain

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