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We have updated our Privacy Policy Please take a moment to review it. Reviews Oozing with sex on every , Buchanan's unapologetic and multi-layered portrayal of desire sizzles in all the right places. Filthy and fun. As filthy as it is funny, you won't be able to put it down. An escapist romp with plenty of actual romps to boot. I'd call Insatiable Jilly Cooper for the Instagram generation, but that wouldn't do this book justice. Extremely funny, touching and wonderfully refreshing on women and sexual desire.

Insatiable is a story about loneliness and trying to fit in, about our desire to be loved and included, how it's easy to confuse being wanted with being used. It'll draw people in with the shagging, but people will stay because they're rooting for Violet. Few books out in the early half of the year are as flat-out entertaining as Buchanan's fizzy, filthy story of a young woman's sexual awakening. You will be intoxicated by this witty and honest exploration of female desire. Come for the absolute filth and stay for the empathetic and sensitive way that Daisy Buchanan writes about all the chaos and conflict of being a young woman in a hard-edged, hard-faced world.

Insatiable is an unashamedly filthy and yet deeply sensitive exploration of female desire, aspiration and vulnerability, and Daisy is an exciting new voice in contemporary fiction. It reminded me of Bridget Jones's Diary - if Bridget were bisexual and Daniel Cleaver were a couple who were into group sex. A piercing insight into the unreal demands modern women place on themselves and told with real humour and energy, we love this book so much. Like going for a drink with your wisest and smuttiest friend.

The perfect summer romp. I raced through this funny, filthy and utterly compelling debut about female sexuality, ambition and vulnerability I'm still thinking about it long after turning the final . I can't believe this is a fiction debut - she writes stories like she's been doing it for fifty years. Funny, filthy Buchanan offers astute social observation, while the development of Violet as an ardent yet vulnerable heroine to root for makes her a millennial counterpart to Jilly Cooper's Bella or Octavia.

Gloriously rude and brave about the nature of women's desire. Buchanan is absolutely fearless and one only hopes that there is a sequel on the way. A raucous unravelling of female desire and bodily pleasures, in all their maddening complexity. Filthy, funny, and raw, Insatiable is utterly addictive. British journalist Daisy Buchanan has somehow managed to distinguish herself from the pack, with a novel that's both smoothly observant and brilliantly, giddily filthy.

Intelligent, observant prose that gives a snap-shot of life experienced by millennial women. Erica Jong for the Instagram age. Buchanan is an engaging, observant writer who portrays Violet's chaotic life with verve and insight. When we finally get to go on a holiday again, this would be an ideal read for the sunlounger. A frank, funny of 21st-century lust. Daisy brings characters to life like no other writer, pumping them full of humour, vulnerability and sexy sexy sex. Related Re.

Sex women Buchanan

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