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Shop our apparel sale to support our mission to support survivors of sex trafficking. NSI owns and operates The Harbor, a 24x7 restoration home and program for domestic sex-trafficking survivors. Our goal is for every survivor to leave The Harbor fully restored so she can return to the community and enjoy a life of sustained independence. Our mission is to support women who are survivors of domestic sex trafficking by providing physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual care through a Christ-centered focus. Reality: Many survivors have been trafficked by romantic partners, including spouses, and by family members, including parents.

Reality: Escape does not always equal freedom. Those fortunate enough to escape find they are not truly "free", and restorative care options are scarce. Many have been rejected by their families. Without a home, job, education or support system, the women have little hope for the future, and most will return to the streets to be re-victimized. Reality: Women rescued from sex trafficking are often misidentified as willing participants rather than as victims. In reality, most are easy prey for traffickers who promise good jobs, money, and drugs; instead, they become trapped in a life of violence and sexual slavery.

I was in a family where my father was very abusive to my mother when he was drunk. Growing up witnessing that throughout my childhood brought a lot of trauma in my life. When he passed away from drinking, I was 14 years old, I turned to the streets and started using drugs. Years later is when I met my pimp and was trafficked for 8 years. So many things had happened in those years, I basically lost my innocence. I ended up in the hospital a lot.

From drinking to drugs, to being in and out of jail, I totally lost myself and my identity. Coming to North Star has brought me back to life, and is bringing my spirit back. I can actually hope now and know my life has a purpose. Thank you North Star! I was an addict working in a strip club trying to financially take care of my heroin habit and maintain a home, bills, and 5 kids. I met a man who introduced me to escorting.

At first, it was like heaven but soon turned into hell. I got deeper into addiction and got arrested. I lost everything; including my kids. I experienced physical, verbal, and psychological abuse. I eventually went into detox and then ended up at a safe house who referred me to North Star. I suffered child sexual abuse at the age of 7 by my father, and again at the age of 11 by my stepbrother.

I grew up always feeling ashamed, because of the way others seemed to view me. When I got into school most of the kids made fun of the way I dressed, because my clothes were older and sometimes had stains. My mom did the best she could. After her second divorce, she often stayed out late and left me to fend for myself.

When I was 13, an older boy took an interest in me at school. He was We quickly started a relationship and things moved really fast. He started doing drugs and then I did too. When money started to run out I was told that if I posted pictures online I could make a lot of money. He took me to meet with a guy and a nice girl who took photos of me. Then I was taken to a motel room and everything was different. Then I was sold again when I was 15, and once more when I turned When I turned 20, I caught a break when my trafficker was arrested on drug charges.

I went to a homeless shelter, then got into a recovery house. A caseworker at the shelter found out about the residential program at North Star Initiative and contacted them. I was beyond scared to come, but I know that moving forward is better than staying still. My memories of being trafficked as are foggy. I was given GHB, a drug that causes you to lose your memories so they come back in flashes. As a pre-teen, I had more of an understanding that I was being treated differently than my sisters.

I was ashamed at the abuse that my father inflicted on me and afraid to tell anyone when he said that I was saving my sisters from the same fate. I grew up thinking that it was my responsibility to take care of my family, that it was my duty.

One year I missed almost 60 days of school, but no one questioned my parents when they said I was sick. My dad would buy me presents and thank me for paying the mortgage. If I did get out of hand, they put me in the hospital, told me I was delusional, crazy, bi-polar. My story is hard to talk about. That's the shame I carry. I spent the majority of my childhood in and out of foster care. My mother was a drug addict and a prostitute, and my father was her trafficker. When I turned 18 I was given a scholarship for community college and I went, it was good, but then I made friends with the wrong crowd.

A guy I knew from my community acted like he was helping me when in fact he was manipulating me. The constant fear was exhausting, my case manager at the shelter found out about North Star, they accepted me, and now I finally feel like I have a place to heal. My parents split up when I was 15 and things got really bad at home. My dad left my mom in a tight spot and we ended up living in a bad part of town.

When I turned 16 I used heroin for the first time, the older man I purchased it from shot it right into my arm. I quickly became addicted. This man introduced me to a new way of living. Sometimes sleeping with guys each night. I had no way out, I was in constant fear. When I was arrested on drug charges, I saw my escape and welcomed prison. I hope one day I can help someone understand that they are worthy of a life without abuse. I graduated top of my class in high school and I thought I was smart. I realize now that I did not know who I was nor did I have street smarts to protect myself from predators.

I met an older guy at my new job. It was a minimum wage customer service job, and he worked in the back. We started dating and then we started a relationship. Early on the relationship became stressful. Honestly, I think I was glad for any attention. He came to me and told me he needed me to help him make money to start our life together, so he started setting up the dates for me.

I protested at first, but he smacked me really hard and told me not to be ungrateful. He told me that I owed him. I remember being seized with fear and love at the same time. The arrangement lasted for about 6 months and I never saw any money. After my daughter was born, I relapsed and found myself on the streets. One of the girls I met told me about a way to make money, and I was sick from withdrawal.

She introduced me to her friend; he helped me by getting me high, then put me to work. When I tried to leave, he beat me, then he sold me. After months of a daily stream of men and drugs, the police raided the house and I was rescued.

North Star found me at the jail and told me they could help me start again. My mom left me with her boyfriend when I was He started to abuse me shortly after. I left. I was on the streets, and one night I was raped by a homeless man. I was so scared I hid for 3 days in an underpass. When I came out to get food in the rain, this girl yelled at me from a car. It was raining and I was cold; she told me to get in. She brought me back to this house and there were other girls there. They gave me a place to sleep and some food.

After a week they asked me if I wanted to be part of their family and I was really happy. I went along with it. The other girls said it was better than being on the streets. I met the man of the house who everyone said was really kind, as long as you did what you were told. I never kept money from him after that. It was too hard to pay rent and figure out a way to leave.

But one day I just left and went to another city. I reached out to a shelter and I told them what happened to me. They helped me change my name, helped me start fresh, and got me to North Star Initiative. Where I lived there was a large population of homeless, that they called tent cities.

Sex dating in North star

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