Need a cool chick

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By Gandaako , July 4, in Dating Advice. I'm referring to a girl you want to date and continuously want to see on a romantic level. I think the first question should be what defines cool? It's definition seems to be redefined every decade or so in the form of fashion, lingo, etc. A cool girl for me at this point in time would be a girl that's willing to be a little adventurous and wants to have a good time. If she's overly dramatic or doesn't really match my style of humour or outlook on life, then I won't see her as cool as I would a girl that's more on my level.

If I'm attracted to her, I'll likely think she's cool. For instance, there's plenty of athletic, adventurous girls out there that are too "butchy" for my taste but they're hella-cool! Hope that makes sense. Cool is going to vary from one individual to another. What really matters is what you think of yourself, don't let others define you. I am a cool chick. Thanks for reminding me to affirm this with myself lol. I agree you need to define what "cool" means to you. Does cool mean a girl that gets along well with everyone and is fun to hang around with?

Or does it mean other things. It is very subjective. Within the last several weeks I was told by a guy a I was a "cool chick". When I asked for clarification here is what he said Note: I was the only female hanging out and having a few beers with other guys when I was told this. He said:. They'll start asking why we're not paying more attention to them. They'll start asking questions like, 'Do you like me? But you I was told don't really seem to care what we think!

It's all about a confident attitude. Truly cool people don't try to be cool. They already know they're cool. If they needed someone else to tell them they're cool then they wouldn't be cool any more because other people thinking you're cool is so uncool. And then you get old which is very cool. By Loralora Started September By DJ. Started Wednesday at AM. Psych2Go posted a blog entry in Youtube , September TopThink posted a blog entry in Youtube , September All Activity Home How do you define a cool chick? How do you define a cool chick? Start new topic.

Recommended Posts. Gandaako Posted July 4, Posted July 4, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options SuperDuper Posted July 4, In the Dark Posted July 4, Initially, physical attraction of some sort. After that, it's knowing what she does, how she behaves which a person may define as cool. Hoagy Posted July 4, Posted July 5, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

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Need a cool chick

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What Does It *Really* Mean To Be A Cool Girl?